Are you ducts in a row?

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Are you ducts in a row?

What I really mean to ask is what is the state of your Air Conditioning duct work?  

Your AC ductwork is a vital component of your comfort and indoor air quality.  However, the out of sight out of mind mentality usually prevails when it comes to ducts.  Ducts can be in disrepair due to corrosion, rodents, improper installation, or even accidental damage caused by insulation installers or others in your attic.  Your home could also just have older ductwork that has a low insulation value or R value. The current recommendations is R8 and except for newer homes most homes fall short of that goal.  Your air conditioner works hard to cool your air and it’s important that all that cool air is making it to the proper rooms and not cooling your attic.


Even worse than losing cool air is sucking in hot dusty attic air and depositing that air inside your home.  Sometimes we can tell something is amiss by a faint smell of attic air when the AC kicks on, or some rooms just don’t get much cool air, or some of your supply vents are really dusty.  These can all be indications of a duct issue, yet ductwork problems aren’t always this obvious.


APS and SRP estimate that most homes that haven’t had an energy audit lose 40% of their cooled air to leaky ducts.  The only way to be completely sure you are not wasting your cool air is to have a duct leak check. This is part of the Home Energy Audit we complete at Alien Air.  The audit is just $99 and opens you up to rebates available from SRP and APS to help with sealing your ductwork and other rebates to make your home more energy efficient.  Call Alien Air Conditioning and schedule your audit and we will inspect not just your ducts but complete a whole home Energy Audit.



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