Dependable Furnace Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is famous for its sweltering desert climate, but just because we’re in the desert doesn’t mean that the cold is never a concern.

Temperatures in the desert drop rapidly at night, particularly during winter. The Phoenix area has been known to get as cold as 16 degrees Fahrenheit, and considering that most homes in the area are designed to reduce heat, this creates a threat to your comfort. Alien Air Conditioning & Heating solves this issue by providing comprehensive heating service to local homes and businesses. Our team specializes in furnace installation, repair and maintenance, keeping you warm no matter what temperatures the desert nights bring.

Furnace Installations by Phoenix’s Preferred HVAC Contractors

Whether you are building a new house or need a furnace replacement for your current one, our team is happy to install a new heating system. We carry furnaces from all the major HVAC brands, including Bryant, Carrier, Goodman and Rheem. By investing in the most advanced heating technology, we provide you with space-age standards of comfort for your home, all while keeping your energy bill and environmental footprint to a minimum.

Not only do we carry a broad selection of furnaces and other heating devices, but our team has the skills and training to install them in accordance with the specific features of your home. When you request a new furnace or heat pump, we will visit your home and examine its features. We pay attention to sun exposure, ventilation and all other characteristics that may cause you to lose heat during a cold winter. Taking these features into account allows us to install a heating system that will warm you effectively under all circumstances. We also consider your home’s electric or gas system, making sure that the furnace we install has all the energy it needs to remain active throughout the winter.

Alien offers a warranty on ALL of the heating devices we install, which covers the cost of labor for the first year, and parts for a full 10 years! We also provide a variety of financing options, giving you the flexibility to invest in quality heating no matter how limited your budget is.

Reliable Heating Repairs & Maintenance Services

As advanced as our furnaces and heat pumps are, no equipment lasts forever. Heaters are particularly vulnerable to damage in the Phoenix area because you’re unlikely to run them for the entire winter, meaning that if you have a mechanical problem, it may take a while to notice it. Our maintenance team can address even the subtlest furnace repair and heat pump issues, taking advantage of:

  • Enhanced Inspections – The key to effective furnace maintenance is to respond quickly to the earliest signs of trouble. For this reason, our team is happy to visit your home and inspect your heater at a moment’s notice. Let us know about any sudden changes in your electric bill, as well as strange noises and other signs that your system may not be working properly. We won’t hesitate to investigate the problem.
  • Equipment Cleaning – If your heating equipment becomes dirty, it won’t work as well and will need more energy to provide the same amount of heat. Our team looks out for dirty components and will restore them to pristine condition.
  • Enhancements & Upgrades – Even if your heating equipment has not been damaged, it may not work as well as more modern devices. Our team is well versed in advanced technology, and will advise you on heating system components that are out of date. We can update your system with more advanced components, allowing you to reap the benefits of modern technology without investing in a full furnace replacement.

We work with all manufacturer brands, including:

For more information on our heating services, contact Alien Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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