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Improper amount of insulation wastes money and reduces your home’s comfort.

Adding insulation, or retrofitting, is a very cost effective way to dramatically improve your homes efficiency and increase an attic’s R value. R-value of insulation is a term that describes the ability of a material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. Technically, R-value is measured in °F – square foot – hour/Btu.

Cellulose provides 3.8 R value per inch. An R value of 38 is recommended for our Arizona climate to keep the heat out. Therefore, you should have about 13″ of Cellulose or Fiberglass. APS wants an R value of 43.

Insulation in older homes can degrade over time, and small gaps reduce the entire attic’s R value.

Newer homes may have been cheated by the builder, either by not installing enough or not properly installing the insulation, or leaving gaps or valleys in the insulation. Adding a “topper” is an easy and effective way to achieve the desired final R-value and fix these insulation issues. Sometimes removal of the existing insulation is necessary when contaminated by smoke, hazardous materials, rodent droppings, bird debris, insects, or mold. If your home needs air sealing (sealing the attic space from the livable space), removal is usually the best so that a complete air seal can be completed unimpeded by the old insulation. The best way to determine if your home has adequate insulation or needs air sealing is to have a Home Energy Audit completed.

With volatile energy costs, a good return on investment may be obtained by adding insulation to your home or business. Cellulose insulation offers a consistent, worry free installation when installed by Alien Air Conditioning and Heating.

Save Money, Improve Comfort, and More With These Insulation Tips

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