Air Leaks

Air Leaks

Get a Home Energy Audit in Phoenix to look for Air Leaks

Did you know the average home has enough air leaks to add up to a 2-foot square hole?  That’s like leaving a medium-sized window open 24 hours a day.

Leaks around doors and windows play a major role in the problem but an even bigger problem is the penetrations from your living space into your attic space.  The places where wires, plumbing, and light fixtures penetrate into the attic. These problems not only cost you money in lost energy efficiency but they bring dust, contaminants, and hot air into your home which can exacerbate allergies.  Can lights that are not airtight tend to be a major factor in leakage?  The penetrations that are inside the walls are out of sight but also contribute.  When your AC turns on, pressurization occurs and the air leaks through light switches and outlets into the home.

To find out the amount of your home’s leakage contact Alien Alien Air Conditioning to complete a Home Energy Audit.  We will utilize a blower door to depressurize the home and measure the amount of air leakage. We will also identify the contributing factors to your leakage, check your AC unit, and do a complete assessment of the home’s efficiency.

APS and SRP are offering rebates to help cover the cost of home improvements that save energy.  As an APS and SRP-certified contractor we can provide you with all the information and get you your rebates.

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