What Is a Split Unit?

What Is a Split Unit?


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What Is a Split Unit?

A split unit is an air conditioning system that has two parts. One part is inside the house and the other is outside. The inside part takes in the air and cools it, then sends it into the house. The outside part takes the warm air from the house and sends it outside. A split unit is a common type of air conditioner you can find in many homes. It is split into two parts: an outside condenser and an inside blower/furnace. The outside part cools the air while the inside part moves the cold air through the home’s ducts. This is different from packaged units, where the air conditioner and heating are all in one box. You usually see packaged units on top of businesses.

Advantages of a Split Unit.

Split unit air conditioners are a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months. They are easy to install and provide efficient cooling. Benefits of a split unit air conditioner include:
1. More efficient than window units: Split units use less energy than window air conditioners, making them a more cost-effective option.
2. Easy installation: Split units are easier to install than window units, so you can save time and money on installation.
3. Better cooling: Split units provide better cooling than window units, so you can stay more comfortable.
4. Quieter operation: Split units are much quieter than window units, so you won’t be disturbed by loud noise. Split-unit air conditioners are a great way to keep cool while saving energy and money. They’re easy to install and provide efficient cooling that is quieter than window units.

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What Are Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

Ductless mini-split systems are a type of air conditioning system. They are popular in the Phoenix, AZ area because they don’t need any ducts. Instead, they use individual units to cool different rooms or areas in a home. Each unit has an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler. The two units are connected by a small line that runs through the wall. This type of air conditioning system can be more energy-efficient than traditional systems. They can also provide more precise temperature control in different areas of the house.

When Should I Avoid a Split Unit?

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you may want to consider air conditioning for your home. But when should you avoid a split unit system? Split units are not ideal in the Phoenix area because of the extreme temperatures. The split unit system is made up of two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can struggle to keep up with the extreme heat of Phoenix, which can make it less efficient and more expensive to run. Instead, it’s best to have a central air conditioning system that can handle the Phoenix heat better.

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Rating a Split Unit System

When it’s hot in Phoenix, AZ, you want to make sure you have a good air conditioning system. One type of system is a split unit. Here’s how to rate one:

Look at the size of the unit. Make sure it’s big enough for the size of the space you need to cool.
Check the energy rating. A higher rating means it will use less electricity.
Look at the filter. See if it’s easy to clean and replace. Make sure the system is quiet. You don’t want it to be too loud when it’s running.
See if it has a timer. This will let you set the system to turn on and off at certain times. In Phoenix, AZ, it’s important to have a good air conditioning system. Split units are one type. You should rate them by the size, energy rating, filter, noise, and timer.

If you’re unsure which kind of HVAC unit will work best for your home, a traditional split unit, a ductless mini-split, or a packaged unit, Alien Air Conditionings installers can come to your home to inspect your current system and make recommendations. Contact us to make an appointment. Do you need help cooling your Phoenix home?

Alien air Conditioning can help. Our installers can come to your home to inspect your air conditioning system and give you suggestions on the type of unit that works best for your needs. Whether it’s a regular split unit, a mini-split, or a packaged unit, we can help you choose the right one. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

We work with all manufacturer brands, including:

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