How to Unfreeze an Air Conditioner

How to Unfreeze an Air Conditioner

How to Unfreeze an Air Conditioner | Alien Air Conditioning Phoenix

If you notice ice buildup on your air conditioner in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a clear indication that your AC has frozen over. This problem can affect both the indoor and outdoor units of your AC system. It’s essential to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage and expensive repairs. Neglecting to address this problem can lead to repair bills that can be as costly as purchasing a new AC unit, with prices typically ranging from $1,500 to $3,000. To avoid this, consider following our expert tips or contacting a specialist for AC maintenance services to resolve the freezing issue as quickly as possible.

Thaw Out Your AC

To defrost your AC unit:

  • 1. Turn off the thermostat and switch on the fan.
  • 2. Allow the unit to thaw for several hours, although it may take up to 24 hours in extreme cases.
  • 3. Once the ice has melted, turn the thermostat back to the “cool” setting. If the air coming out is cooler than the room temperature, your AC is fixed.

If not, it’s advisable to contact a professional for assistance. If your unit continues to freeze in the future, it could be a sign of an underlying issue that a professional should examine. |

Check the AC’s Air Filter

Regularly checking and cleaning the air filter of your AC is crucial for its efficient functioning. A clogged air filter can obstruct the flow of warm air, leading to the unit freezing up. Even a thin layer of dirt can cause issues. To clean the filter, remove the AC cover immediately after adjusting the thermostat. Rinse the filter under water and ensure it is completely dry before placing it back in the unit. Alternatively, you can purchase a new filter from a local home improvement store.

Look at the AC’s Condensate Pan

Ensure that the condensate pan is draining correctly to avoid potential water damage. If you notice a puddle on the floor beneath your air conditioner, it means that the pan is not draining properly, water is accumulating, and you are at risk of significant water damage problems.

To prevent any water spills, place towels on the floor before checking the pan if there are no leaks. Additionally, consider using cleaning tablets specifically designed for condensate pans to prevent any buildup and eliminate odors.

One possible cause of an air conditioner freezing up is a clogged condensate drain. This can happen when dirt and debris build up in the drain, causing a blockage. As the ice thaws, the water should flow into the condensate pan and then be directed outside through a PVC pipe known as the condensate drain.

How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner Is Frozen

A frozen air conditioner can lead to costly repairs and a higher electricity bill. Here are some indicators that your AC unit may be frozen:

  • 1. Inability to reach the desired thermostat setting
  • 2. Warm air blowing from the air registers
  • 3. Higher than usual electric bill
  • 4. Water leakage around the AC unit
  • 5. Hissing or bubbling noises
  • 6. Condensation and moisture around the air handler
  • 7. The coils of your AC unit covered in ice
  • 8. Visible ice formation outside the AC unit

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage to your air conditioner.

How Long It Can Take for Your AC Unit to Defrost

How to unfreeze an air conditioner in Phoenix? If you’re dealing with a frozen AC, you may wonder how long your unit will take to thaw. Generally, the thawing process can take up to 24 hours. However, the exact time will depend on a few factors, including the size of your AC unit, the amount of ice buildup, and the efficiency of your blower fan. If you catch the issue early and the freezing is just beginning, you can clear it up within an hour or two.

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