Shade Screens

Shade Screen Installations in Phoenix, AZ

Shade Screen Installations: Phoenix, AZ | Alien Air Conditioning & Heating - solar-screenSRP Rebate!  

SRP will rebate 80 cents/sqft on qualifying East, South, and West facing windows when installed by Alien Air Conditioning and Heating, an SRP Certified Contractor. 

Keep your home or office cool with Custom Solar Sun Screens. Close to half of the heat gain in your home comes from your windows, making shade screens a very effective means to improve your home's overall energy efficiency and comfort.

The Benefits of Solar Screens

  • Reduce your cooling costs 
  • Give a custom look to your home
  • Increase daytime privacy
  • Protect your furniture, carpet, and blinds from fading and UV damage
  • Dramatically increase the comfort level in your home

Beat the Phoenix Heat with Solar Screens in 80%, 90% & 95% fabric.

There are several frame color choices to match or compliment your home's existing frames.  

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