Energy Audits

Commercial and Residential Home Energy Audits in Phoenix, AZ

Energy Audit Services: Phoenix, AZ | Alien Air Conditioning & Heating - eneryg-auditWhy do a home energy audit?

Not only do home energy audits discover energy abductions, but they also find air quality issues inside the home. Armed with this information, Alien Air Conditioning & Heating can help you determine the best methods to reduce energy loss and improve your indoor air quality. Our goal is to identify any potential issues that are costing you money and reducing your comfort levels. 

What should I expect from a home energy assessment by Alien Air Conditioning & Heating?

We start by examining the outside of your home, looking for areas where you could be leaking conditioned air to the outside. We also look for areas of your home with extensive sun exposure that would cause heat gain inside the home. We then set up a blower door that allows us to pressurize your home and will determine the leakage of your overall house (an envelope). While the blower door is in place, you will be able to feel leaks in the obvious places like around doors and windows. We will also check your ductwork for leaks to determine if the air you have paid to cool or heat is getting to your living spaces or is leaking into the attic space. We will then check your attic spaces to determine how well your home is insulated. Our audits also include a full picture report on your AC unit(s). 

An Alien Air Conditioning & Heating home energy audit includes:

  • Blower Door Test - This test determines a leakage value of the overall envelope of your home.
  • Duct Leakage Test - Measures the leakage of your duct system(s).
  • Duct Design Inspection - Our technician will make a visual inspection of your duct design to ensure it has been properly placed and does not have kinks or restrictions. They will also inspect the duct for its insulation value and condition.
  • Room Pressure Test - This determines the pressures inside individual rooms within the home. When the door is closed to a room, the air entering the room through the air conditioning vents can create a pressurized atmosphere if the air cannot easily escape back to where the air intake is located. The air builds up pressure like a balloon and will escape through all the tiny holes and cracks around windows, through light fixtures, outlets, etc.  
  • Static Pressure Test - This test determines how hard your AC is working to move air throughout your home. It is like taking the blood pressure of your air conditioning units ductwork.  
  • Air Conditioner Efficiency Evaluation - Used to evaluate the current efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Water Heater Inspection - The inspector will evaluate the age and condition of your hot water heater and will test the CO levels if it is a gas appliance.
  • Lighting Evaluation - The technician will inspect the lighting in your home to see if there are any incandescent bulbs that can be replaced with CFLs or LEDs (which use less energy and produce less heat). They will also inspect can lights for air leakage from living space to attic or wall spaces.
  • Pool Pump Efficiency Evaluation - The technician will help you to find opportunities to reduce your pool run time costs.

Does my home need an energy audit?

The easiest and most efficient way to see if your home needs an energy audit is to take the appropriate energy analyzer from your power provider. The energy analyzer will help you determine if an energy audit would be of benefit to you.

The financial and environmental benefits of an energy assessment aren’t limited to the short term. 

Not only will your summer electric bills drop, but because you won’t be using as much energy or running your air conditioner as hard, you’ll place less pressure on the electrical system and AC unit. As a result, these items will not break as often, allowing you to save the money and effort it would take to repair them. An Alien energy audit is an investment in your home and business that will pay increasing dividends over the long haul.

Don’t let wasted energy take a toll on your budget or the earth. For more information on energy audits from Alien Air Conditioning & Heating, contact us today.