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Phoenix Emergency AC Service is Available Now

Get Your A/C System Working & Blowing Cool Air Again. Contact the Phoenix A/C Experts. Our team is experienced in Servicing Any A/C Make or Model in the Greater Phoenix Area. Fast, Same Day ServiceEmergency Services 24/7. Easy Online Scheduling. Licensed & insured.  It’s the middle of summer, and the outside temperature is climbing. Your AC unit stops working when you turn it on. You look at all the possible problems and realize that you need to call an HVAC company. You might experience a few issues with your air conditioner that can cause further damage to the unit. Your home is your castle, and it takes consistent work to keep it in top shape.

Phoenix Emergency AC Service You Can Trust

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We believe in our repairs and back every single one with our 100% guarantee.
  • We show up fast.Every AC service says it offers emergency AC service in Phoenix but many don’t have the availability to handle many calls. As a result, they run late, keep changing the time, or sometimes don’t show up. We have enough teams and resources to get experts to your home anywhere in Maricopa county on time and FAST.
  • Pricing you can trust.When we show up, we start by identifying the problem and giving you a flat-rate estimate. You always get the estimate up front, and we will never add hidden fees. You can make an informed choice and not be surprised later.
  • No one has better technicians.Our technical specialists at Alien Air Conditioning aren’t just TRANE and NATE-certified. In addition, we give them extensive ongoing training and ensure they know how to handle every emergency ac service job we send them to. And when they show up, they’re friendly and helpful.

No AC problem is fun.

At Alien Air Conditioning, our on-call team can handle any kind of AC emergency in Phoenix, including:

  • Strange noises coming from the AC unit or the fan
  • Declining performance of your air conditioner
  • AC won’t turn on at all.
  • AC has a bad smell.
  • AC turns on for a short time and turns off again
  • Air coming from the vent is warm or hot.
  • Smoke or sparks in the unit
  • Burning smell in the vents
  • AC can no longer reach the temperature it’s set to
  • …or any other problem you’re having with your air conditioner.

These and other issues can be avoided by taking the proper steps to prepare your home for hot summers in Phoenix.

The Filter

The first step in changing an AC filter is to turn off the AC and unplug the unit. · Remove the front cover; if needed, Although the filter is an easy part of the unit to replace, you need a schedule to remind you to change it regularly to be able to remember. A filter that is too dirty can block airflow through the system. The system can get clogged up with debris, which can lead to it overheating or blowing a fuse. The HVAC company can change the filter before it gets too hot. Sometimes, the central unit’s filter needs to be replaced. If you’re experiencing air conditioning problems, we are here to assist. Call Alien Air Conditioning in Phoenix today.

Faulty wiring

You may notice a burning smell in your home when the AC unit turns on. This could indicate that the wiring is defective. This is a severe emergency and should be dealt with immediately. You should turn the unit on when the wiring is repaired or replaced. It is possible to strip the wiring if there is minimal damage and new wiring can then be installed. If the wiring is damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to replace it before operating the unit. This problem is common in older homes or homes with moisture damage. If your AC is not working well, we can provide prompt, professional AC repair near me in Phoenix today.

Low Freon Level

low refrigerant level is usually the result of leaks within the air conditioning system. This means that the air that is blown over your AC coils will no longer cool properly. Freon can cause the system to stop cooling if it gets too low. Most units won’t experience a significant decrease in Freon levels, but it is normal to see lower levels over time. A substantial drop in chemical levels is usually due to a leak or the system. An air conditioner that leaks or needs a large amount of refrigerant is likely decades old and will face additional repairs. Our HVAC company can inspect the unit to find the source of the leak and assess the extent of the damage done to it. An AC service technician will check refrigerant levels during your annual AC tune-up.

The Fan

The fan removes hot air from your home and vents it outside. The fan may not work if there is hot air in the house, even after it has been turned off. A storm could damage the fan, and lightning can sometimes strike an AC unit. It would help to address this emergency, as it can cause a fire. Due to age, the fan may stop working. No matter the reason, the fan should be fixed. The thermostat senses that the temperature is rising and will continue to run the unit.

Power issues

Get installation and repair services for light fixtures, outlets, panels, switches & more! Sometimes, the power supply to the outside unit is not working correctly. It could be that the team has been disconnected from its primary power source or something more serious. Contact an AC repair company if you experience sudden power loss without losing power elsewhere in the house. They will inspect the wiring and the fuse that controls the unit. The coil can also freeze, which is a common problem. The ring can freeze, which means there isn’t enough circulation. This could be a simple filter change or debris in the ducts. If your AC is not working well, we can provide prompt, professional AC repair services. Contact us online to schedule air conditioning repair today.

We work with all manufacturer brands, including:

Call 602.824.9494. You do not have to wait hours to get your AC working againWe are available on holidays, weekends, late at night, or early in the a.m.—you call, we’re ready

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