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Installing an AC unit in your Phoenix or Glendale home is crucial for
staying comfortable, but it’s a complex DIY project. Professional installation is necessary to ensure proper ductwork, expert training, and safe removal of the old unit. Hiring a reliable Phoenix or Glendale AC installation company saves time and money. Trust professionals to make your home comfortable and ensure a hassle-free installation process.

Contact Alien Air Conditioning and Heating for all your AC installation needs in the Phoenix or Glendale area. With over 15 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for quality installations. Our hassle-free process and top-rated service make us the go-to choice for customers. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your Phoenix AC installation:

  • Customized accurate estimates with no hidden fees
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your schedule
  • Free comprehensive estimates

Trust Alien Air Conditioning and Heating for a seamless, stress-free AC installation experience. We work with top brands in air conditioning and offer new units with superior performance and excellent energy ratings at affordable prices. Contact us today at 602.824.9494 or fill out the form on the right to speak with an expert.

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What do I need to know about the AC installation process?

Do you think you need an Air Conditioning Installation Company in Phoenix or Glednale? Are you considering installing an air conditioner yourself? While it may seem cost-effective, it’s essential to understand that DIY air conditioner installation can hurt your unit’s performance and lifespan.

Your air conditioner’s location, configuration, and installation are crucial factors in determining how well it functions and lasts. Even if you are a skilled handyman, you may not have the necessary expertise to ensure a proper installation. That’s why hiring a professional AC installation company with technicians with NATE & TRANE expert training at its best. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for your air conditioner.

AC installation in Glendale starts with a visit from one of our comfort specialists. Depending on whether you’re interested in central AC or a ductless air conditioner, our team will assess critical factors for each type. We’ll determine the optimal location for central AC for the compressor, indoor cabinet, ducts, registers, or vents. We’ll check for any necessary repairs or adjustments if you already have existing ductwork.

For ductless AC, we’ll determine the best placement for air handlers and the condenser in the room to maximize cooling and energy efficiency. Based on this initial visit where we measure your home, perform load calculations, and evaluate all your needs, we can give you a comprehensive estimate on your installation.

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When is the best time to get a new AC system in Phoenix or Glendale?

  • There are no daily time pressures for AC usage.
  • AC units are frequently on sale during off-seasons.
  • We offer flexible installation scheduling.

Our AC experts are available year-round to assist you and discuss energy-saving options and rebates to help you find the best unit at the best price, regardless of the weather.

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How long does AC installation typically take?

Need HVAC installation in Phoenix? If you’re in Phoenix or Glendale AZ and need an AC, don’t wait until the summer heat to buy one.Plan to save money and avoid stress. Most homeowners only consider getting a new AC when their old one breaks down, but that can be costly. Instead, consider evaluating your AC’s performance during the cooler months and buying a new unit. This will save you money and make the process much easier.

  • Removal of the old AC system
  • Repair or replacement of any necessary ductwork
  •  Installation of the new system and performance testing

At Alien Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand the importance of timely and efficient installation. That’s why we provide upfront timelines for every installation, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. On average, direct AC replacements in Phoenix take between 4 to 10 hours. We also account for additional add-ons or tasks required to ensure a quality HVAC installation in Phoenix or Glendale.

If any unexpected issues arise that may impact on the installation time, we will promptly communicate them to you. Our priority is to keep you informed throughout the process, and our comfort specialists are available to address any questions or concerns. Experience a hassle-free and professional installation by contacting us today.

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How much does AC installation cost in Phoenix or Glendale?

The initial indication that your heater requires repair is the absence of heat production. To function effectively, a heater needs sufficient fuel and airflow. Without these components, the furnace will be unable to generate heat.Therefore, both elements must be present for the unit to operate correctly.

Noisy Operation

If your unit starts making new noises, it could be a sign of a problem. Loose fan blades or internal adjustments may be needed.

The Heat Doesn’t Turn Off

When it comes to AC system installation prices, they can vary based on the specific system chosen and existing ductwork in your home.At Alien Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide up-front estimates to ensure transparency and help you make an informed decision.

Our installation estimates at Alien Air Conditioning and Heating include all necessary components, such as the unit and any required ductwork. We also offer a comprehensive package for one year of service and maintenance for your AC system. We stand by the quality of our work and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you buy your AC system directly from us, we will give you an itemized quote that covers all costs. With our transparent approach,there are no hidden fees so you can see the total cost upfront. Our team can advise on energy savings and rebates that may lower your expenses. Contact us now for a free estimate for your Phoenix AC installation.

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Talk to a Phoenix or Glendale Air Conditioning Service Expert

If you live in Arizona, having air conditioning in Glendale or Phoenix is essential. Alien Air Conditioning and Heating is here to assist you with top-quality, affordable AC services. We promise transparent pricing, expert quality, and a clear understanding of the process from start to finish. Contact us at 602-824-9494 or fill out the form on the right to request a free estimate from one of our comfort consultants today.

We work with all manufacturer brands, including:

For more information on our heating services, contact Alien Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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